OLON physical gallery for Cardano NFTs

OLON is the Greek term for "everyone's" (Όλων)

A space to learn and experience CNFT art

Artists, fine art collectors and art lovers are disconnected from NFTs space. They find it difficult to grasp the idea behind it and enter.

We want to create a space to educate everyone about CNFT art and blockchain technology while providing an easy, familiar way to create, view and acquire Cardano based NFTs.

Its about the Artists!

We already have been working and established a network of artists (Non NFT artists, CNFT creators, NFT creators from other blockchains) who we would be able to get onboard as soon as the gallery plans move forward.

We have access to a network of physical art buyers who we would be able to leverage with the gallery. Once OLON gallery is open we will invite those gallerists and collectors, while organizing a social media campaign to attract the spotlights.

The art world is always curious and open, we just have to ease their fear of the new unknown by educating them and offering a simple, easy introduction. Who better to do that than individuals that have already been part of London's art community?

A futuristic space for the future of art

The signature characteristic of OLON gallery is the impressive futuristic display of the NFTs.

We already are in talks with companies providing digital frames and displays. There are many options such as ones which give a feeling of physical art to the pieces and bridge the gap between the metaverse and our space.
By demonstrating to our visitors how the art will actually be displayed in their home/company wall, they can drop the false question of why should someone buy a jpg!

An immersive, high quality experience

The signature characteristic of OLON gallery is the impressive futuristic display of the NFTs and the access it provides to users without technical knowledge

Digital Immersion

Another display option we are researching is holographic projection. The use of hologram setting can lead to a more immersive experience for the viewer. Considering the creativity of NFT world and the emergence of VR art, we might be seeing new art forms presented in holographic or immersive media.


We are looking for an area that will match the demographic of our viewers. We want visitors to have easy access to the gallery and locate it easily. Areas such as Shoreditch, a gathering place for street artists/contemporary galleries or Bond Street in central London with more established commercial galleries, are good choices. A space with access from the ground floor, on a big street close to a tube station would be ideal.

Spaces in Shoreditch come with a high price, since this is an artistic neighborhood, but they come with the advantage of being more central and art specific which reduces the need for more advertisement.

Our Team

Vision needs the correct people to execute into success. We believe we have just what it takes

Marianna Zoumpliou

Artist, Art tutor and Art professional. Supervisor for front of house operations in Saatchi gallery.

Kiriakos Krastillis

Builder of software products, Blockchain technologist, Occasional speaker and Co-host "Blockchain Mania".

Konstantinos Liakos

Quantitative Analyst in financial risk management, Project manager.

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